29 December, 2008

Ready for 2009

Boy, when they employ you, they require you jump right in! I got the call from recruitment on a Monday, called back on Tuesday and had my first two interviews. Face to face on Wednesday, scheduled another face to face with the Area Director on Friday. Got called early Thursday morning, asked if I could phone interview, it took an hour, thirty minutes later I was employed and Sunday I was on a plane to Dallas.

I was in Dallas (Plano, or Plain-oh, actually) for a week. And one LOOONNNGGGG weekend where I could find nothing to do but buy mini bottles of wine and watch whatever came on HBO.

After Dallas came Shreveport for a week, where in spite of its reputation, the food was TERRIBLE. Creole? Not so much. Not in my experience, anyway.

Then I was back in SD for 4 days, two in the office, then I hopped on a red eye to get home to Georgia at 5:45 AM on Christmas Eve. Spent a few days there, now I'm back in SD only to pack up and do more training in Culver City for a week.

So after 7 months of inactivity, I finally have and actual schedule.


And as I love my job, I really want to talk about it here. However, I work in an industry and for a company with some of the most internet savvy people around, so I won't be doing that. Other than to say, I love my new job and my new company. That is not a lie, I love it.

I am smiling a lot more these days.

I am also really, really looking forward to 2009. Happy New Year everyone!

04 December, 2008

6 1/2 Months later....


Not just employed, but employed at a company and with a position that I am very, very excited about. Holy Crap!

I might actually have something interesting, or at least some inspiration to blog about!


04 November, 2008


03 November, 2008

Halloween in Hollywood

On of my best friends from Georgia was in Los Angeles on business this past weekend. I drove up to see her and spend Halloween in one of the weirdest cities in the world. It couldn't have been better timing, the little piece of home and the hilarity of that city on Halloween made my crap week much, much better.

Things I saw:

1. A pigeon fighting to get a pack of Saltine crackers open. This amused me for a solid 20 minutes. Also, he never got it open.

2. A woman who had assuredly pooped her pants. I had a visual positive on this one.

3. A mime, talking on a cell phone.

4. A woman standing in a cardboard box labeled "Free Kitten."

5. About 5,000 Smart cars.

6. A California flood, including signage warning you. Which consisted on a little runoff, maybe 1 inch deep. As soon as my friend sends the picture, I'll post it.

Also, my favorite line of the weekend, spoken by my Georgia friend. We were driving back to the hotel, which is in Agoura Hills, so we were going through some small mountains.

"Oh, oh, oh! We're in the Rockies!!!!"

Yeah, she needs a Geography lesson.

28 October, 2008


2,157 - The number of miles I drove to move from Kennesaw, GA to San Diego, CA.

3.35 - The (approximate) number of days it took to drive across the country.

17 - The size (in feet) of the Uhaul I drove through 8 states.

1 - The number of SUVs I hauled on the back of the 17 foot Uhaul, then later found out it was incorrectly attached and could have EASILY fallen off and killed someone.

2,700 - The number of square feet in my new home in Pacific Beach, which, apparently, is unheard of for SD.

3 - The number of human roommates I have, two of which I happened to go to high school with and one I met in college.

3 - The number of four legged roommates I have, including one Golden Retriever, one Maltese/Chihuahua puppy, and of course, Maggie May, my baby girl.

5 - The average number of bottles of Two buck Chuck that my roommates will go through on a Friday.

2 - The number of times I have been home since moving.

0 - The number of jobs I have found in the worst state to find a job in.

1,423,659 - The number of times I have wanted to scream in frustration at not finding a job yet.

1.25 - The number of hours I had to physically double over so I could stick my hand in the pet bag to calm my kitty as she tried to claw her way out of the bag during the plane's descent.

1 - The number of broken hearts I have received so far in SD.

2.5 - The number of hours it took for my broken heart to turn into rage and disgust.

4,832 - The number of hours of soap operas I have watched while job hunting.

17 - The approximate times during the average day that I look out our upstairs den window and smile at the gorgeous view of the bay.

2 - The number of new friends I have made in SD.

2 - The number of girls who backed out of my best friend's Bachelorette Party I planned in the week before, causing me to have to cancel the beach trip and come up with something equally fun in Atlanta.

0 - The amount of good reasons I have for not blogging in three months.

9,872,504 - The number of times I have smiled because even though its been hard, frustrating and financially and emotionally trying, I know I took a bigger chance than most are willing to do and I know it was right.

10 July, 2008



Ummm....so, hi! It's been over a month. Oops?!?!

Internet, it's not that I don't love you, it's just that I haven't done much interesting. And in the boringness of my life, I haven't much felt like sharing how the excitement of my day is to go check the mail at 4:00. Woo Wee!

I guess that's not completly true. According to my last post, I was standing up Mr. Big Texticles. Well, I didn't end up doing that, I actually ended up hanging out with him that night and several more times. (SKIP THIS PART MOM) Until that time we got way too drunk at Fado and ended up in a compromising position or two, and he was a little.....less than impressive, let's say. Uhm, buh bye. Hee Hee.

Oh, and while we are on the subject of compromising positions (SKIP THIS TOO MOM), in my sulkiness of being laid off, I decided to let an "old friend" take me out to dinner, and ended up in a re-do situation. A bad, bad re-do situation. To the tune of a HANDPRINT BRUISE on my breast.

**No, it was not abuse, it was DRUNKEN STUPIDITY. Learn from me, don't re-do out of sadness.

So next, I re-started dating a guy that I can't remember if I wrote about on here. Really, I just decided that I don't like my layout because it is hard to read, so I'm too lazy to read back and see if I did or not. Anywho, this guy was something else. 6'6 and 240 pounds of muscle. Not bad, right? EXCEPT that he WOULD NOT stop talking about his body and how bad it was and what he could do to make it better. And half of our dates started at his gym. But, our of sheer boredom or lonliness or whatever, I continued on, giving him the benefit of the doubt. He actually started to say that he was really liking me and that he wanted to see me more. Great, right?

Then I drop a small little bomb.

Well, he knew the bomb, but I don't think he believed it. I told him I am moving. On August 10. To San Diego, California. I do not think he liked that.

So he did what every mature 33 year old man (who lived with his mother!) does, and disappeared. No texts, no calls, no emails, nothing. Until like three weeks later and he randomly wants to catch up and hang out at my pool.

No sir. Mama is way better than that, and she can get way better than you.

So, point of that story, I guess, is that the only truly exciting thing I'm doing is moving. For sure. It was originally supposed to be myself and one friend. Then a girlfriend of mine from high school, one who has always wanted to just up and move, came to me and said she was sick and tired of Atlanta, and let's just go. So I said, come with us to San Diego! And she said OK. So now it is myself and a girlfriend from high school and on August 10th, we are packing all our shit in a big ole truck and driving across the country.

Holy. Shit.

Prayers, please!

24 May, 2008

The Law of Attraction

The day after I got laid off, I woke up and came into the living room to find that my sweet roomie had left me a book to read with a cute little note telling me to enjoy my day off. The book was The Secret. Have ya'll read it?

I haven't made it through the whole book, but the basic premise is the Law of Attraction. Basically, whatever dominates your thoughts is what you will get.

Fact: About 6 weeks before the actual laying off, I started making jokes that I wished they would just lay me off so I could just up and move to San Diego. I actually even went to my bosses and asked them if my job was safe, because I was sensing that change was in the air. I was promised that I would be kept in the loop, which ended up being a lie, but that is a WHOLE DIFFERENT POST. Point being? My friend Holly and I started doing all this wishful thinking and planning our move. It dominated my thoughts until it happened. The laying off, that is.

Fact: Big Texticles texted his way into my life a few days ago. I have told that story countless times now. I blogged it. I had beers and made fun of his text happiness with friends. I belabored over how can a man think it's appropriate to just text someone instead of call???

So what happens last night? I get ANOTHER text. Asking me out. From ANOTHER man whom I have never spoken to on the phone. Seriously.

OK, so I know when one door opens, another closes, and when life kicks you in the ass, make sure it kicks you forward and all. How long does the door get to hit my ass on the way out? My ass is tired, and sore from the kicking.

Oh, and what am I doing right now? I'm in my robe, towel on my wet hair, consciously standing up Big Texticles. I think. I mean we said we could maybe reschedule for Saturday. but left it kind of open....

I don't think that's doing anything good for my karma.