29 December, 2008

Ready for 2009

Boy, when they employ you, they require you jump right in! I got the call from recruitment on a Monday, called back on Tuesday and had my first two interviews. Face to face on Wednesday, scheduled another face to face with the Area Director on Friday. Got called early Thursday morning, asked if I could phone interview, it took an hour, thirty minutes later I was employed and Sunday I was on a plane to Dallas.

I was in Dallas (Plano, or Plain-oh, actually) for a week. And one LOOONNNGGGG weekend where I could find nothing to do but buy mini bottles of wine and watch whatever came on HBO.

After Dallas came Shreveport for a week, where in spite of its reputation, the food was TERRIBLE. Creole? Not so much. Not in my experience, anyway.

Then I was back in SD for 4 days, two in the office, then I hopped on a red eye to get home to Georgia at 5:45 AM on Christmas Eve. Spent a few days there, now I'm back in SD only to pack up and do more training in Culver City for a week.

So after 7 months of inactivity, I finally have and actual schedule.


And as I love my job, I really want to talk about it here. However, I work in an industry and for a company with some of the most internet savvy people around, so I won't be doing that. Other than to say, I love my new job and my new company. That is not a lie, I love it.

I am smiling a lot more these days.

I am also really, really looking forward to 2009. Happy New Year everyone!


Sauntering Soul said...

I'm so happy for you! But wow, that schedule sounds exhausting.

Happy New Year to you too!

Fianna said...

Congrats!! Very happy for you. Hope the schedule calms down a bit, but the love for the job does not. Happy New Year!