04 November, 2008


03 November, 2008

Halloween in Hollywood

On of my best friends from Georgia was in Los Angeles on business this past weekend. I drove up to see her and spend Halloween in one of the weirdest cities in the world. It couldn't have been better timing, the little piece of home and the hilarity of that city on Halloween made my crap week much, much better.

Things I saw:

1. A pigeon fighting to get a pack of Saltine crackers open. This amused me for a solid 20 minutes. Also, he never got it open.

2. A woman who had assuredly pooped her pants. I had a visual positive on this one.

3. A mime, talking on a cell phone.

4. A woman standing in a cardboard box labeled "Free Kitten."

5. About 5,000 Smart cars.

6. A California flood, including signage warning you. Which consisted on a little runoff, maybe 1 inch deep. As soon as my friend sends the picture, I'll post it.

Also, my favorite line of the weekend, spoken by my Georgia friend. We were driving back to the hotel, which is in Agoura Hills, so we were going through some small mountains.

"Oh, oh, oh! We're in the Rockies!!!!"

Yeah, she needs a Geography lesson.