28 October, 2008


2,157 - The number of miles I drove to move from Kennesaw, GA to San Diego, CA.

3.35 - The (approximate) number of days it took to drive across the country.

17 - The size (in feet) of the Uhaul I drove through 8 states.

1 - The number of SUVs I hauled on the back of the 17 foot Uhaul, then later found out it was incorrectly attached and could have EASILY fallen off and killed someone.

2,700 - The number of square feet in my new home in Pacific Beach, which, apparently, is unheard of for SD.

3 - The number of human roommates I have, two of which I happened to go to high school with and one I met in college.

3 - The number of four legged roommates I have, including one Golden Retriever, one Maltese/Chihuahua puppy, and of course, Maggie May, my baby girl.

5 - The average number of bottles of Two buck Chuck that my roommates will go through on a Friday.

2 - The number of times I have been home since moving.

0 - The number of jobs I have found in the worst state to find a job in.

1,423,659 - The number of times I have wanted to scream in frustration at not finding a job yet.

1.25 - The number of hours I had to physically double over so I could stick my hand in the pet bag to calm my kitty as she tried to claw her way out of the bag during the plane's descent.

1 - The number of broken hearts I have received so far in SD.

2.5 - The number of hours it took for my broken heart to turn into rage and disgust.

4,832 - The number of hours of soap operas I have watched while job hunting.

17 - The approximate times during the average day that I look out our upstairs den window and smile at the gorgeous view of the bay.

2 - The number of new friends I have made in SD.

2 - The number of girls who backed out of my best friend's Bachelorette Party I planned in the week before, causing me to have to cancel the beach trip and come up with something equally fun in Atlanta.

0 - The amount of good reasons I have for not blogging in three months.

9,872,504 - The number of times I have smiled because even though its been hard, frustrating and financially and emotionally trying, I know I took a bigger chance than most are willing to do and I know it was right.


Sauntering Soul said...

I'm so glad you're blogging again! It sounds like things have been kind of a roller coaster since you left Atlanta. Hang in there....you're right that most people don't have the guts to do what you've done.

Fianna said...

Happy to hear how it is going!

I was terrified for you when you announced the move. But so happy, because you are absolutely right - it takes guts to do what you did. You sound extremely happy!! Good on you.