28 October, 2008


2,157 - The number of miles I drove to move from Kennesaw, GA to San Diego, CA.

3.35 - The (approximate) number of days it took to drive across the country.

17 - The size (in feet) of the Uhaul I drove through 8 states.

1 - The number of SUVs I hauled on the back of the 17 foot Uhaul, then later found out it was incorrectly attached and could have EASILY fallen off and killed someone.

2,700 - The number of square feet in my new home in Pacific Beach, which, apparently, is unheard of for SD.

3 - The number of human roommates I have, two of which I happened to go to high school with and one I met in college.

3 - The number of four legged roommates I have, including one Golden Retriever, one Maltese/Chihuahua puppy, and of course, Maggie May, my baby girl.

5 - The average number of bottles of Two buck Chuck that my roommates will go through on a Friday.

2 - The number of times I have been home since moving.

0 - The number of jobs I have found in the worst state to find a job in.

1,423,659 - The number of times I have wanted to scream in frustration at not finding a job yet.

1.25 - The number of hours I had to physically double over so I could stick my hand in the pet bag to calm my kitty as she tried to claw her way out of the bag during the plane's descent.

1 - The number of broken hearts I have received so far in SD.

2.5 - The number of hours it took for my broken heart to turn into rage and disgust.

4,832 - The number of hours of soap operas I have watched while job hunting.

17 - The approximate times during the average day that I look out our upstairs den window and smile at the gorgeous view of the bay.

2 - The number of new friends I have made in SD.

2 - The number of girls who backed out of my best friend's Bachelorette Party I planned in the week before, causing me to have to cancel the beach trip and come up with something equally fun in Atlanta.

0 - The amount of good reasons I have for not blogging in three months.

9,872,504 - The number of times I have smiled because even though its been hard, frustrating and financially and emotionally trying, I know I took a bigger chance than most are willing to do and I know it was right.