21 May, 2008

Tips for Surviving Unemployment.

Hi, World? Please stop kicking my ass.


So, I've been unemployed for one week and two days. Yay! I am really trying to be all happiness and sunshine about it, because PEOPLE OF THE WORLD, I know this could potentially be the best thing ever. I get it, I have ideas to make that happen and I'm working on it. But let's just not talk about that fact until it's true for me, ok?

So here's what I've been doing to survive.

1. Make your friends take care of you. Hey you know what? You have them for a reason. They might just do it, and they might just do it real good. Like, leave you sweet notes and inspiring things to read. Or text you the name of a recruiter thye just met. Or get you drunk. Fun!

2. Stay busy. Even if it means organizing the Tupperware cabinet. Then re-organizing it. Or, um, spending an hour and a half in CVS, trying to figure out what you can get for free. (AHEM, after tanning lotion, SPF 50 sun screen and an blood glucose meter all for -$3.00. Yeah, check that.) (OK, I have nothing to do, I'm unemployed, leave me alone.)

3. Drink some wine. Not too much or you'll get sad, because it's a deppressant and all. But you know. Some is good.

4. Eat some ice cream. Ben will wipe your tears and Jerry will pull a bouquet of flowers from his sleeve.

5. Work out. Because if you are a lazy fat ass, you no longer have the excuse of "I worked hard today, it's ok".

So that's what I have so far, I'm sure the longer I remain unemployed, the longer and more ridiculous that list will get.

Oh, and because I'm on an Awesome Roll, I said yes to a Match.com date. Via text message. Yes, I agreed to meet a man whom I have never even spoken to on the phone (Cardinal Rule Breakage!) via text message. Rock and freaking Roll.


Fianna said...

Hee-larious! I have no wisdom to add. I think you have thoroughly covered it. My personal faves are sleeping, organizing and drinking. Wait - those are my faves no matter my employed state. Which says something about me. Maybe.

Let us know how the date goes!

Sauntering Soul said...

I'm glad your friends are there for you. And I can't believe you got all of that stuff at CVS for 3 bucks....I'm impressed!

I can't wait to hear how the date goes! I agreed to a date only one time without having a phone conversation first when I was on match.com. And that date was with Hot Brazilian. You never know Courtney, you just never know!

Glad to see you're keeping your wonderful sense of humor. Hope something good happens on the job front soon.