06 April, 2008


Y'all. I haven't blogged in a while. Oops.

It's just that lately, I feel like life has been trying to kill me. Nothing has been going right, I'm not happy like I usually am and I'm completely frustrated. So I have been doing what I do when I get fed up with life. I shut down.

I've bee totally irritated with my job, and I expressed my frustrations with my boss, who informed me that there was nothing he could say to calm my fears. Great. So that sucks.

Men suck. Dating sucks.

Money sucks, and so does the lack thereof.

That's the most I've told anyone about how I feel lately. I just want to scream and cry and hit something and have a friend there to see it all and when I'm done, give me a hug, tell me it's going to be ok and to get over it already. The problem there is that it's hard for me to show people that I'm not exactly Superwoman. I don't like to feel weak, or helpless, which is about where I am right now.

The other bad thing that comes with being frustrated with life is that it makes me a not fun person to be around, sometimes. I'm stubborn as it is, and when I'm mad at the world, I tend to think that when it's time to let loose, it should all be about ME and MAKING ME HAPPY. And if that doesn't happen, I get a tad insensitive to those around me. Maybe more than a tad.

So there it is, that's where I'm at. So where's the up side?

Tomorrow I leave for San Diego. The Big Event. And I really do think it's going to be awesome, because my boss and I have worked our little tails off. It's going to be great.

And what's greater than that? My girls, Lindsay and Holly, are joining me out there on Thursday evening. And at noon on Friday when my meeting is over? Look out San Diego. Here comes three beautiful Southern women who are looking for some serious fun!

Also on the up side, I'm hosting Fun Monday on April 21st! i have a pretty good topic, I think. So hopefully lots of people sign up!

So there you have it, the good, the bad and the ugly. If I can squeeze in some time tomorrow, I will post a post I have been thinking about or quite some time. It will be interesting to see your thoughts on this....

And also, to make up for being a bad, boring blogger, I will be posting pictures, lots of pictures, in the next week! And you know you are a picture stalker just like me. :o)


Nekked Lizard Man said...

Well, since we are hosting the next Fun Monday and it is about pictures, I am looking forward to your posts. I am looking forward to the thousands of pictures you will be submitting in the future. I have thousands too, but when I believe I have captures a unique moment, I look at it again, and think it was actually quite dumb. So I keep most pics on a huge hard drive and maybe someone in the future will think I am a genius.
Thanks for coming by - it's be fun... NLM

Fianna said...

I am very similar in my response to a mean world. I have been a pain to be around recently. Or so I have been told.

Have a great time in San Diego. I hope this event causes work to stop being such a drag.

And what the hell...sign me up for your FM. I haven't been participating. Time to get back on the bus.

ChrisB said...

Enjoy San Diego after the work bit! I'm sure I will be signing up to join in your fun mon. I will come over after next week when you have the topic up.

Sauntering Soul said...

You can go ahead and sign me up for your Fun Monday too. And I'm glad Fianna will be joining us again!

So sorry things have been sucky in your world lately. I hate when I go through times like that. I also shut down and just want everyone to leave me the heck alone. I hope San Diego serves as a way to perk you back up and make you feel happy! Hugs.

Nekked Lizard Man said...

Please sign us up for your Fun Monday. I am so lucky football season is not upon us - you know Monday Night Football and all that stuff. Thanks! NLM

Faye said...

I understand about your feelings of going through "desert times" or leaden days when not much brings you joy. Hope things even out for you soon.

Looking forward to your idea for next week's Fun Monday.

Sayre said...

Boy, can I relate to this post right about now! I'm going through my own rough patch at the moment and yes, they involve a man. It sucks.

Sign me up for Fun Monday!!!


kitten said...

Hope your life turns around soon. I have been where you are lately. So, I know to well. I hope something clicks and helps turn things around for ya.!

kitten said...

Ps. Sign me up for next week!

swampy said...

Been there, done that !
Not a fun feeling.
Hope today is brighter and better.
(((Southern Doll))

Jo Beaufoix said...

Have a fab time in San Diego - or have you already been??

And please sign me up for next week. :D

Rose said...

Please sign me up for monday.
I'm a new blogger.
I want to tell you that you have no idea how much I can relate to your post right now. I'm going through my own rough time at work and if you read my blog you'll see that I'm a very positive person and I can not find any strengh at the moment. It sucks. I still believe that better days will come for you and I.
blog hugs.

the planet of janet said...

sign me up for next fun mon, k?


Our Happy Happenings said...

Please sign me up for next weeks fun Monday. It doesn't matter what it is, I am brave like that!

Our Happy Happenings

btw- hope you're doing better.

PearLady said...

I can relate to a lot of what you said there. I hope that trip is really a good one for you. Keep up your wonderful spirit and hopefully everything will work out okay. :)

Gattina said...

I also want to have Fun on Monday ! so please add me to the participants !
You know a lot of people feel that way just now, it's mostly the result of a long cold winter when everything in your life looks dark !