07 March, 2008


Things said tonight:

1. It's not the size of the yacht......Oh wait, yes it is.
2. Replenish ownup camel humps.
3. So then BRENDA says to ANNE "What made you switch...you know, you used to date men I heard," and then BRENDA proceeded to brag about the men in her life, yet still kept coming back to how she had never tried a woman.
4. Said to Mr. Stand-up: "No. I'm not coming out. You are lame. You must have dated women in the past who are used to being disrespected. That is not me."
5. WAIT. Isn't the shocker your two first fingers and your pinky, not your thumb???

Good times had by all.


Fianna said...

Camel humps?

And would you ever believe that the shocker is on wiki, because I was trying to figure out which finger it was. And it is the thumb.