25 March, 2008


Today is my second favorite day of the year.

It's my birthday!


Fianna said...


I hope you have a wonderful day filled with all the things you love!

Aoj & The Lurchers said...

Happy Birthday!!

So what's your favourite day of the year then?

Sauntering Soul said...

Happy Birthday!

Where are you going to celebrate?

ChrisB said...

Happy (belated) Birthday.
In answer to your question about hosting Fun Monday. The next three weeks are covered, so if you let the Nekked Lizards know when they put up the assignment for 14th April they will add your details to the post and I will also put it on my side bar. This would have you hosting on April 21st.
I can add your name to my side bar now if you like~ just email me and let me know!

Southern Doll said...

Thanks, guys!

AOJ - Christmas Eve is by far my first favorite day of the year.

Bev - MOON DOGS ON SATURDAY!!! hahaha!

ChrisB said...

Happy Birthday

Sauntering Soul said...

So.....you haven't updated. Are you still recovering from your birthday celebration? Hee hee!

Nekked Lizard Man said...

You are the second Aries I know - my first being a friend from school a long time ago. He thought it was the greatest sign. Personally I am Aquarian, and wonder if I could ever keep a job based on its sporadic nature. I did. Well, I talk too much - so Happy Birthday. NLM