05 March, 2008


A few days ago, I asked for some list ideas for MarBlo. Fianna suggested a few, one being posting my To-Do list for the week. Since I am watching the new Ghost Hunters and I am so freaked out that I have all the lights on and am watching my cat for any signs of something disturbing her, I am feeling a lack of creativity. So the To-Do List will work well for this evening's post.

Who knows, maybe it will actually give me motivation to accomplish everything!

To-Do before Saturday:
1. Explain to my two (wonderful! amazing! smart!) bosses that it is physically impossible for me to work full time for two separate companies at the same time. Therefore, I have to split my days in half, and they need to deal with it.

2. Send the box of crap for the soldiers that has been sitting in my hallway FOREVER to Iraq with all the other boxes of stuff we will buy tomorrow.

3. Book a hotel for San Diego.

4. Explain to my little pumpkin, Maggie, that while rubber bands might make great toys to throw in the air and chase, they do not make good treats and I do not want to happen upon one in the litter box again.

5. Clean off the top of my dresser.

6. Return Knocked Up and Bridget Jones' Diary to Robin.

7. Work out two more times.

Two things I have accomplished:

1. Post my old dresses on Craigslist.

2. Put away the giant mound of laundry on my floor.

That's all, I'm sorry for boring you to tears! I will work on being more creative.....when I'm not feeling like I'm being watched. Thanks, Fianna!


Fianna said...

It is a bit stalker-ish once you read it...

My cat loves rubber bands as well. She will play with them for hours slowly denigrating them to bits.

Do we work for the same company? I swear each of my bosses think I have absolutely nothing to do. When truly, I am sufficiently employed until 2010 with just what is on my desk!