13 March, 2008


So, I'm fairly new to this blogging thing. I have gotten a few comments to some posts where the commenter asks questions. I haven't necessarily answered them, because A) I always think if I answer them in my own comments, it's kind of lame because who is going to go back and look? and B) do people leave me questions in my comments because they are trying to get me to go back and comment on their page? Which is cool, because I am a stalker, and I look at everyone's page who has ever commented and try to comment back.

At any rate, I figured I could answer a few of the questions I have gotten recently.

On March 11, Bev asked if my kitty was ok. Yes, Bev, she is ok today! She didn't carf any more that night, she did twice yesterday but I bought her some new food and no carf today. So I think she's going to make it.

On March 8, Fianna asked (kind of) what "Camel Humps" are. Well, in mine and my BFF's drunken minds, camel humps are your tear ducts. Stay with me. Lindsay and I do not cry much. I had cried that day. We were talking about it over some beers and got to contemplating how weird it is that emotions triggers a tear duct response. And I questioned whether people who cry every day are dehydrated. Because they are ridding themselves of their water via their eyes. But we know a constant crier, very well, and she is not dehydrated. Therefore, your tear ducts are like camel humps.

On March 7, Fianna also asked if we work for the same company. I do not think so, unless "Fianna" is a pseudonym. But the resemblances are striking.....

On March 5, Wendy asked if I saw the Jon and Kate Plus 8 episode where they learned to ski. Yes, and OH MY CUTE and wow, those babies are more coordinated than me.

On March 3, Bev asked me "Why would he exhaust himself playing softball all day and then make plans with his family if he already had a date planned with you?" Girlfriend, I have no idea. The next weekend, he text messaged me twice after the hours of 10 pm to see if I would come meet him. He obviously doesn't know the rules in the South.

On February 19, Bev asked me if she could come with me to San Diego. YES! The more the merrier. I have two girlfriends joining me when my work part is over. However, my group won't be that much fun....we will have to track down the group who instigated the nudity clause!

Ok, I think that's it for now. How do you guys answer questions in your comments??


Sauntering Soul said...

Wow, I ask a lot of questions, huh?!

I have struggled since I began getting comments about how to answer questions. Like you, I'm not sure people go back and read. I wish I knew what to do.

Thanks for answering all of my questions though!

Fianna said...

Hey, check in with us folks to let us know you are ok. Bev has posted an "I'm Ok." Now it is your turn, sister.

Fianna said...

Camel humps! Interesting term. I guess all that water I drink comes in handy...

Fianna is a loose pseudonym. But I don't live in GA. And you don't work in a law firm. Otherwise, the similarities are shocking.

I don't think the not texting after 10 PM is a Southern thing, I think that is simple respect. Sending a bad message. Not cool.

Count me in on San Diego. I have a girlfriend there I need to see. And um San Diego. Awesome!!

Sauntering Soul said...

For some reason, I think I read something you wrote once that makes me think you live up in the Kennesaw area but I'm not sure. Are you okay after the storms last night? And I just heard a tornado has touched down in Cartersville and is headed near Canton which isn't so far from Kennesaw if that is, in fact, where you live. Hope you're okay!