01 March, 2008

Oh, Lord. Here we go!

Well, I did it. I had to go and set a goal for something. To volunteer for something.

I signed up for MarBlo. NaBloPoMo went monthly....on a much smaller scale than November, of course. But they started with March, and if you sign up, you post one blog every day in the month of March. They even gave a guideline - lists. This works excellently for me, since my brain loves lists. And hey, if I can do this, maybe one day I can be fancy enough to do Blog365.

So go look at all these other crazy people and their lists, too!

So my first list of March: Why today is an excellent day.

1. It is March! March is my birthday month! My birthday is my second most favorite day of the year. I am pretty notorious among my friends for making a big deal out of my birthday.

2. It is March! Spring is on the way! Today is a lovely day in Georgia, sunny and working on warm. I can tell the air is ready for Spring and the birds are getting restless. I love it!

3. I got a Brazilian. Now, the "during" part of this is not necessarily excellent, but the "after" is. Also, I went to a new aesthetician who taught me a new trick. Naturally, I get pretty tense when getting my naughty hairs ripped out. When you tense up, it makes for more painful ripping. She said that if you wiggle your toes, you body can't use those muscles to tense up, so it hurts less when she pulls! It worked! She also said it works for chiropractic adjustments. Smart lady, that one.

4. I have a date with The Chiro tonight - finally! It was like pulling teeth to get that one to call.

5. Today I am listing 6 old prom and bridesmaid dresses on Craigslist. Come on people of Atlanta, this doll needs money!!

So that's it. Wish me luck on the whole posting every day thing. Also - does anyone have ideas for interesting lists? I have a few ideas going:

Top 5 worst days of my teenage life (Teenage years always make for funny material!)
top 5 best days of my teenage life
Milestones - maybe like by age, 1-5 one day, 5-10 another, etc.
Best pictures ever taken (of me, of course!)

Those are a few ideas - I am totally open to any interesting thoughts out there! Help me out, people!


Sauntering Soul said...

I think I like my Hot Brazilian better than I'd like your kind of Brazilian. Ouch.

Hope your date went well.

Fianna said...

Ouch! I have never had a Brazilian. Wax or man, to be honest. I am not sure I am woman enough. Great tip though!

Happy Early Birthday to you!

As for lists:
Worst Pickup lines used on you.
A spin on the teenage list - best and worst days of your 20's.
Your to-do list for the month.