17 March, 2008

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

Good things that happen:
The register at CVS doesn't print out your 10 Extra Care Bucks, so the manager gives you a $15 gift card to make up for it. Thanks, Ben!

Bad things that happen:
Because you are so excited about getting an extra $5, you leave the 4 ECBs that did print out sitting on the register.

Ugly things that happen:
You use a coupon from your coupon clipping frenzy to get your kitty some new organic treats for free. She promptly throws them up.

And, for the record, Annoying things that happen:
You are the Bionic Woman and have to use an insulin pump. Your pump kicks the bucket, so the maker is sending you a new one. It's a Sunday, so you have to call the after hours line at your Endocrinologist's (diabetes doctor) office so he can call you in a prescription for insulin, so you don't die because you are a diabetic with no insulin for two days. The on call doc acts extremely put upon that he actually has to call in a prescription for insulin for his diabetic patient. Ass.


Fianna said...

I need to get into the CVS system more. I know it is a steal if you know how to work it!

Bad Doc! That has to be so frustrating!

Sauntering Soul said...

Seeing as how there is a CVS on every freakin' street corner in Atlanta, I find it shocking there is not one anywhere near me.

That doc needs to have his butt kicked.