11 March, 2008

Cat Mommy

What did Maggie do today?

She carfed. Yep, that's cat+barf. Not just once, oh no. She:

- carfed a grand total of 6 times.
- The first carf woke me up.
- The second carf my roommate was nice enough to clean up.
- The third and fourth carfs
happened in succession, after trying to eat.
- The fifth and sixth carfs happened while I was at work.
- Grand total of 15 piles of carf.

The joys of being a cat mom.

Yes, my life is currently as boring as my blogs have been the past few weeks.


Sauntering Soul said...

Yuck. Bailey carfed Sunday night about 3 hours after I had swept and mopped all of the hardwood floors throughout my entire house. Great timing.

I hope your kitty is okay. Is that much carfing normal for her?

Fianna said...

Yikes. That is a lot of puking. And I clean up a lot of carfings.

Fur balls? The warmer weather is creating a mess around here. Between hardwoods, fur and carf...it is dangerous to walk.