02 March, 2008

2 reasons why yesterday wasn't as excellent as I expected.

1. The Chiro stood me up! Well, kind of. I talked to him at like 6:00 and all he could talk about was how tired he was and how he had been playing softball all day long. I asked him if he needed to reschedule, he said no. Then he says he has to go get dinner for his nieces and nephews and he would call me when he got back. Oh yeah, and to go ahead and decide where to go and what time. And, the later the better. Didn't HE ask ME out on a date?? So at that point, I knew that we weren't going out, so I opened a bottle of wine and started watching Knocked Up. I later got a text from The Chiro, around 9:00. He said that he was still at dinner and was SO MAD. I said "Right, have a wonderful evening." I give him a big, fat no thank you!

2. I got lazy. I decided watching Knocked Up and Transformers sounded much better than making money on Craigslist. However, both movies were excellent.

So there is my short list for today. 2 days down, 29 to go!


Sauntering Soul said...

I'm sorry the date didn't happen. Obviously I don't know him, but it sounds like he may be kind of selfish. Why would he exhaust himself playing softball all day and then make plans with his family if he already had a date planned with you? How rude of him.

I parked my car in my driveway on Friday night after work. It didn't move until I went to work this morning. It was a heavenly weekend in which I did not leave my house. I needed it. Hot Brazilian and I were supposed to do something Sunday but he had an emergency come up so I took advantage of the down time. Just didn't want you to think everyone was out having a wild weekend....

Fianna said...

Chiro was pretty rude.

Although, being the homebody I have somehow turned into, bottle of wine and a movie sound more fun to me. I really should get out more!