14 February, 2008


Happy Valentine's day everyone!!

Since this is such a romantic day, I'll update everyone on the comedy that is my dating life lately.

CB: If you remember, Cocky Bastard. He is still in the picture, however now without any benefits, as he describes himself as "In A Relationship." With someone half his age, I might add.

BabyFace: He informed me that he was going to spend 12 days in Mexico with his ex-girlfriends family. I informed him that that was hella weird, and Buh Bye.

Big Tooth: I haven't written about him, I don't think. He was kind of eh, and one front tooth was bigger than the other. However, he did take me to the Chocolate Bar. MMMmmmmm

Darth Joey: This one occurred just the other night. He breathes so heavy on the phone that I can hardly understand him. Most Boring. Date. Ever. This will be the one who ends up really liking me. UPDATE: Darth Joey called. Of course.

On-Deck we have Cross Eye, The Brit (I'm sure I can come up with something better than that...) and The Chiro.

So, we shall see, wish me luck!


Fianna said...

I love the names you come up with for these guys! Happy VD to you!

Sauntering Soul said...

Dating in Atlanta sucks. It just does.

I still haven't been to the Chocolate Bar. I'm putting that on my bucket list.

Happy Valentine's!