09 January, 2008

New Year!

Hi! It's a new year!

I guess I've been a little AWOL for the past week or two...OOPS!

In looking over my past few posts, I've been very melancholy and melodramatic...enough of that! One of my New Year's resolutions is to be more fun and less "I'm a twenty-something trying to figure it out, let me go ponder the world over my coffee." So, with that being said....

I brought in the new year with a bang!! Literally! Hahah...

There's another guy hanging around that I have only mentioned here once in passing, at the time I was more excited to have gone on a normal date. We'll name him CB, short for "Cocky Bastard." He's not necessarily a cocky bastard, but for some reason, I have it stuck in my mind that he is. Then, when we talk or hang out, it surprises me when he's genuine or even sweet.

So CB has been hanging around a couple months now, we see each other only every once in a while. I don't think CB will turn into a relationship, and I'm totally ok with that. He is a nice, good looking guy and we have fun, just as two people only wanting to have some fun. And, a week ago, that is what we did.

And boy, was it fun!

The thought of having a friend with a benefit or two is kind of appealing to me right now, as the whole dating thing has been less than stellar lately. So I saw CB on Friday, talked to him Saturday and he said he would call in a few days so we could hang out this week. So, now the waiting game. I hate the waiting game, but what can you do? I kind of think he might call. :o)


Wide Lawns said...

Oh that was the absolute worst. When I was single I hated waiting for someone to call even if it was just for a booty call. It made me feel so powerless as a woman. But I will share some advice I learned. If they really like you they'll always call you and soon enough that you never have to wonder. Trust me, I'm old and in my 30s now.