30 January, 2008

Men are from.....Pluto? Wait, no, that's not even a planet anymore.

So, Match.com.

On Match, you can click a button that says "Who's looked at me?".* When I click this button and see that a guy has viewed my profile, here is what goes through my head:

"Oh, I guess he wasn't interested. There must be something on my profile that didn't match him....maybe I'm too tall, or maybe he likes blonde women. Whatever."

Point being, if a guy looks at my profile and doesn't wink or email, I think he's not interested for whatever reason.

Now, I find that it works better to look at a guy and let him email, because here in the South, boys like to make the first move. And really, they are frightened by bold girls like me. So I will do a search and just look at guys. Sometimes I look at them and I pull a Joey Tribiani, and sometimes I look and....well....laugh and move on. But it never fails to prove an intrinsic difference between men and women.

Behold an email I received today. I get these emails all the time.

"ok thought i would wink first to see if i got your attention then i thought i would e-mail to see if we could chat. you viewed my profile so I must have caught your eye. what you see is what you get no game playing with me. would like to get to know more about you even just to become a friend. looking forward to hearing from you yes or no."

What is it about men that makes them think that they are all God's individual gift to women? And why can't women have that characteristic? I have to be honest, I think I would like to have that complete upfront self confidence. For the most part, I'm more confident than most women, but there is always that tiny inner voice that questions.

Sometimes, I think life would be much more simple as a man. What do you think?

* Can someone tell me how to make that sentence grammatically correct? With the quotation marks and all?


Sauntering Soul said...

I've never lived anywhere other than Atlanta so I can't really say how guys are in other areas of the country. But for some reason, all the men in Atlanta do seem to think they're god's gift to women. I think it's because there are so many more single women here than men. They can get away with it because we're all fighting for the occasional single, half-way decent man. I don't know....that's just a theory.

Nekked Lizard Man said...

Well, I agree that most guys are not as bright as they pretend or can be. And many more don't appreciate what they have. Then there is the other side of the story - girls are just plain hard to understand sometime. The vicious cycle: married want to be single, single want to be married. I can guarantee there are good-hearted guys looking for the same in a girl though. Just my thoughts.

Sandy said...

My husband sent me a joke yesterday and part of it was the difference between men and women. The main difference? A man can walk down the street, bald-headed and with a beer belly, and think he's still God's gift to women.

I don't know why but I know it is.