29 January, 2008

I'm so high tech.

In response to my Fun Monday post, a few people asked how I numbered my photo. Well, I thought and thought about this, and I decided that it would be for the good of the blogging community to share my secret.

Microsoft Paint.

Yes, that's right, although I have access to and know how to use Photoshop, I decided to go with the very new, improved and oh-so-high tech Paint. Go ahead, be impressed.

Editor's Note: I'm sarcastic....but I really would be happy to tell you how to edit photos easily if you would like to know. Just ask!


Fianna said...

You are too smart. I don't even know what Paint can do, except now put numbers on things.

I can do a tiny bit in Photoshop, although I struggle through that. I have several of Pioneer Woman's Photoshop lesson posts saved, but can't seem to sit down, read them and learn. I need a Photoshop for Dummies book.

Sauntering Soul said...

I really want to get Photoshop and learn how to use it. I use Microsoft Picture It which is a very beginners type program that I got for free from an ex-relationship-ish guy.

Maybe if I ever make the investment in Photoshop we can have a blog date (of course I mean this in a completely non-sexual manner since I like boys) and you can give me some basic lessons. We could meet at Fuego - or probably somewhere quieter like a bookstore since I will need some place with no distractions to learn technology. I'm very technology challenged.

Southern Doll said...

haha! Fuego might make for a more interesting Photoshop lesson....our photo editing would be something to write home about I'm sure.

I could probably guide you through the basics, or a how-to book, but I'm by no means expert!