13 January, 2008

Fun Monday!

So, this is my very first Fun Monday post! Yay!

The challenge is this:
I want to hear about a web site and not just about any old web site. I want to hear about a web site that's changed your life. A web site that you can't live without. A web site whose inventor you'd like to see win a McArthur Genius Grant.

Maybe you want to sing the praises of a dating web site for helping you meet your spouse. Maybe the only thing getting you through the dark days of winter is an Internet comic. No story is too big, no story is too small - I want to hear it all on Monday.

Our host:

Thanks Ann!

Now to the good stuff. I am fairly new to this whole blogging thing, but I am not new to blog stalking. Oh, no, I have been stalking perfect strangers via the Internet for several years now. I have a list of blogs I stalk regularly, which are posted in my sidebar. I love celebrity gossip. I would love to be Maggie Mason's and Jason Mulgrew's friend. So I suppose the story of how I became a blog stalker will appropriately lead into the "Blogs that Changed My Life."

Yes, there are two. Both equally deserving, changed me in different ways, and choosing between them was like choosing between dark chocolate and bleu cheese steaks. Impossible. :o)

My dear friend Toph used to write a blog regularly. He is much more technologically advanced, and he introduced me to his blog years ago. He told me what it was about, and showed me to a few famous blogs. He doesn't really write on it much anymore, as his passion has moved from writing to culinary arts.

One of the first blogs he showed me was Dooce, the chronicles of Heather Armstrong. The day he showed me her site, I went home and read every post she had ever written. her humor and her honesty struck me. This was real life! She writes about marriage, motherhood, struggles with depression and just daily life. I could not believe that someone out there was brave enough to let the whole world into their very personal thoughts. But Dooce does it, she does it well and now, she does it for a living.

Recently, Heather redesigned her site to include more of her and her husband's amazing photography and to create a larger and more user-friendly site. I visit Dooce every day. I know that at 12:00 pm EST, she will have new pictures up. I can't wait until the day she starts selling her amazing photography.I look forward to hearing about her adorable daughter, her funny take on life and the world, and mostly, I look forward to being inspired by the honesty with which she shares her life.

Dooce is hands down the reason I believe in blogging.

Once the blog bug was in me, I used Toph's website as a starting point to find other blogs. He linked to other famous blogs as well as blog's of friends. I found a blog of a girl that he knew in college (I can't remember the address now to link it....), and via her website, I found Crazy Aunt Purl.

If Dooce is the reason I started reading blogs, Crazy Aunt Purl is the reason I decided to write one. Laurie is just a girl, living in Los Angeles, who got divorced. And she blogged about it. She does it with such brutal honesty that even if you have never been close to going through what she has, your heart will feel as if it is. She writes about being up, down, living, learning and just figuring it out. For Christmas, one of my gifts was Laurie's book. I sat down on Christmas night at 7:30 and did not get up until I finished. Well, I did get up around Chapter 30 to pour a glass of red wine.

Laurie will make you want to live life, and do it honestly and to your fullest potential, and do it for you. She inspires me to be open and to learn to be happy as me. Her blog has made me laugh and cry. Her post from when one of her cats, Roy, passed on is the reason I got Maggie. I wanted that connection with something living, and I knew I had that much love to give to an animal.

So there you have it. Dooce got me started, Crazy Aunt Purl jump started me. I check them both daily, and feel just a little disappointed when they aren't updated. I get inspired to write this here blog! I highly recommend these two lovely ladies, if you haven't visited their sites.


The very nice man said...

Very nice post and thanks for the sites you've suggested.
I enjoyed them all, including your blog!

Fianna said...

Dooce and CAP were my start as well. I love the redesign at Dooce!

I find it amazing that so many people on the web know of these 2 women. And then, of course, that leads to celebrity via the web. A whole new class of celeb.

I finished Laurie's book in 2 days, so you have me beat. I may have been able to finish it at the bookstore, before I even bought it, but I started crying somewhere around page 30, when she starts talking about her Daddy...that will get me everytime.

Sandy said...

Learn something new every day. I have never read dooce or cap, but I will check them out today. Thanks.

Joy T. said...

I've read Dooce before but stopped reading her awhile ago. I hadn't heard of CAP so just clicked over and it looks great. Will have to go back to check it out more.

Sauntering Soul said...

Dooce was also one of the first blogs I ever read but I haven't visited her site in quite some time.

CAP is a different story....I visit her every single day!

In fact, are you the commenter on CAP's blog who recommended I go eat at Fuego here in Atlanta? If so, I'm finally going one night this week with a couple of friends of mine.

Glad you've joined Fun Monday (and thanks for visiting my blog).

Kaycie said...

Great post about how you started blogging.

I have read Dooce, but had never heard of Laurie until today. Now that I've read about her twice, I'll have to go check her out.

kitten said...

Very interesting story!

Michelle said...

I am gonna check these out!! Never heard of Dooce. Thanks for sharing!!

-Ann said...

Great post - I enjoy Dooce too, although not as often as I used to.

Carrie Sue said...

I read Dooce, too, have for a while and can't wait to see her pictures. Love her dogs!

janet said...

it's funny how we all got our start, isn't it?

welcome to fun monday!

Cynthia said...

I had never heard of either of these sites until today, but they seem to be getting mentioned so Iwlli have to check them out

Alison said...

Welcome to Fun Monday!! I started blogging the same way, but I stalked different sites!!

ChrisB said...

I have browsed both Dooce and CAP but don't read them regularly.

Tiggerlane said...

I'm totally with you on dooce! I couldn't believe I just HAD to read her site, from day one until I got caught up! She's why I blog...and isn't Mighty Girl cool?

Nekked Lizard Man said...

I am relatively new so this particular fun monday has introduced me to another portion of the world to venture out and see. Oh to be a full-time blogger and not worry about the little things like work, food and sleep. Come by and visit our site sometime - maybe we will make your sidebar someday... ;) NLM

Pamela said...

They need to hire you as their PR extension.
Have stopped in and check them both out at one time or another.