10 January, 2008

Carnage in Kennesaw

This is what happens when you try to stuff an angry cat who hasn't been able to pee for 2 days into a cardboard carrier to take her to the vet.



For a nine month old kitty, Maggie packs a lot more punch than one might think.

"I carry my strength in my tummy. It is not fat, it is muscle."

"Here, this is a better angle."

"I have got to start working out more."


Fianna said...

Too cute. I hope Maggie is doing better! The art of throwing a cat in a carrier is difficult to master. Two of mine like to sleep in them, so that helps. The 3rd, the one with the health issues, hates it. Ambush is the only way to win. And a closed room.

Anonymous said...

Very funny. I once had a hamster that chewed his way out of a box that size in about the 10 minutes it took me to run to the store. It took me over an hour to find him.