13 January, 2008

Are you kidding me?

When I got a cat, I signed up for cute, cuddly, fuzzy purring fun times. I got that! Maggie is sweet! And she purrs! And plays well with others!

I did not sign up for blood in her pee, causing me to FREAK THE F*** OUT and fight her to take her to the vet, where they give me an antibiotic that I have to force down her throat at 5:30 in the afternoon for two weeks.

I also did not sign up for a relaxing Sunday evening at home, cleaning up the house and getting ready for the new week, which includes cleaning out the cat box and finding that OH MY GOD THERE IS SOMETHING NOT RIGHT IN MAGGIE'S POOP. Commence the freakout.

Upon further investigation, Google searches, and finding one too many pictures of tapeworms coming out of butts (feline and human alike) that I could ever care to see, I decide that my baby has a tapeworm, and that the medicine she is on is killing it and now it is coming out.

I did not sign up for that!!!

So, my Sunday evening has consisted of freaked out phone calls to my parents (because somewhere in my subconscious, I still believe that they can fix everything for me) and the collection of a stool sample to take to the vet. There is currently a target bag hanging on my bathroom door knob, just staring at me, taunting me.

"Hi, I'm a poop. I'm not where I belong, either. I'm not flushed, in the box, or in the trash. Nope, I'm a poop, hanging on your door."

When I envision my life as a young, fun, single gal in the South, I do not envision Sunday nights playing with poop.

On a happy note, tomorrow is Fun Monday! My first!! I am excited about that. :o)


Fianna said...

OMG! I am so laughing so loud. I am going to have to go apologize to my neighbor!

This is freaking hilarious!

Ok...I have recovered. I think... I have had the pee issues (Stressitis, technically stress cystitis) and worms...yea...I take in strays...who pass on all illnesses to all the other cats I collect, because Crazy Cat Lady - yea. Me.

I am sorry the icky sides of pet ownership are showing up...I hate the bad times...

Jennie! said...

I got a cat because I thought it'd be easier than a dog. Turns out, I should have gotten a sea monkey or something.