14 January, 2008

5 Things to Note Today

1. Most Important - My ass looks great! Why, you ask? Because I got these for Christmas and I put them on even though I thought they would look terrible and my thighs would break right through them. And you know what? They are incredibly flattering. Let me just tell you, I could kick Kim Kardashian's ass in an ass contest.

Proof Positive:
My Best Friend, as we were leaving the grocery tonight: "Uhm, so, not to sound weird, but your ass looks great in those pants."

Southern Doll, taken aback: "Really??"

BF: "Yeah, like I want to do more butt machines at the gym so my ass will be like UH and up there and all."

2. Fun Monday is FUN! Hi, everyone! Thanks for commenting! Thanks to Fianna to be my first reader/commenter! Thanks to Peter for answering my question on how to participate! I'm going to like this blogging thing.

3. I must always go to the gym between the hours of 5:45 and 7:00. Hello, all the hot men in Kennesaw!

4. I got my red Slanket in the mail today. Love!

5. I heard from Cocky Bastard! Yay!


Meaghan Lee said...

Oh my goodness, I need that slanket... either green or lavender. Tough choice.


Fianna said...

I am so not supposed to be spending money this month with the post-Christmas accounting business, but damn, a slanket is exactly what I need to be able to achieve world peace.

It is my responsibility to the world to get one.

Sauntering Soul said...

Not to repeat what everyone else has said, but how have I not heard of slankets before? That looks like heaven on earth.