25 January, 2008

5 Things to Note About San Diego

I love travel. I love new places! I love when I get to go to them or free because it's a work trip, and I love even more when my best friend gets to go with me because she flies for free (YAY for being related to an airline employee!!)!!

Also, I love San Diego.

1. Since men are what is on my mind, I should start by commenting on the men. HELLO! The biggest difference between men in Atlanta and men in San Diego? West Coast men are REAL MEN. No man bag. No guyliner. No shoe closet that is bigger and more filled than mine. They are just laid-back, manly men. With five o'clock shadows and well-fitting blue jeans and surfer bodies. MMMmmmm.... Earth to Atlanta men! Girls like MEN, not metro-sexuals.

2. SEAFOOD. I mean, people always tell me that you just can't get good seafood in Atlanta unless you pay the price of a new baby tiger. I always blow it off because, hey, Savannah is not too far and that's on the water, right? But oh, no. I have two words for you: Fish. Tacos. Holy crap, if you are in San Diego, go to the Gas Lamp district and find Alambres. Order fish tacos. Thank me when you get back home.

3. Attitude. If you have read this blog at all, you know I think people in Atlanta have some attitude. When you go to a bar on a weekend, the bartender usually asks you what you want, serves it, shouts a price, cashes you out or opens a tab, and moves on to the next person. If you happen to tip big, he or she will yell a "Thanks" over their shoulder, and possibly ding a bell so other people know you are a high roller. While waiting on our flight, my BFF and I went to a bar in the Atlanta airport to have a drink. We met a friendly English man there, who was paying for his beer by the drink. He wasn't sure how our money worked, so he hadn't tipped her yet. She walked over to her friend and pointed at him and said, "I hope you tip me big because HE HASN'T TIPPED ME SHIT." I mean come on. Not so much in San Diego. I can honestly say I got a sincere thank you, with eye contact, from every service oriented person I encountered. Even away from the tourist sections. Not only that, but I went on a morning walk, and people walking or running by would smile and say good morning! Even a surfer climbing over the rocks back to his car stopped to say hello. People there are just nice, and seem happy. And maybe that is because they live in paradise, but why can't we all just be content with our surroundings? Life would be so much more fun that way.

4. Navy ships are big. Navy men....I cannot comment on. That is all.

5. Stay here. Don't believe them when they tell you it is $42 to get downtown. Find her. I did.

Picture Time!

Day 1: I had a little captain in me.

Searching for Kate. We found many, many of her friends. Do you see them? Oh yeah, internet, meet my best friend! Do I have to tell her I have a blog, now that she's on here?
Seals are funny.


Beautiful. La Jolla.

The one place in California that sucked the life out of us. This bar sucked. We thought there were Dementors in there. So we documented.

California makes me happy.


Fianna said...

I really want to go to San Diego and you are not helping.

It is absolutely gorgeous!!