03 December, 2007


I just finished with a very good second date with a new boy, whom we will nickname Babyface. I wonder why? Could he be younger than me??

But for now, this is beside the point. What is the point, you ask??

Laurie answered my question!!!! Holy crap, Crazy Aunt Purl gave me advice!!!! I can hardly stand it.

So go here and read all Laurie's cool advice. From one Southern Doll to another, it's fabulous! Good stuff and not to mention FREAKING HYSTERICAL. And then keep reading her. And buy her book, too! It is on my Christmas list. If I was cool enough to know how, I would totally post the cool picture of her book so you could click on it and buy it, but alas, I am stuck with text.

My question was basically about this here site, and revealing personal info and overcoming the fear of letting those who know me the best know my most personal thoughts and also, being stalked by a total psycho.

To answer my question, Laurie very graciously said that yes, Southern Doll, there is fear in everything BUT YOU HAVE NOT BEEN STALKED YOU CRAZY LADY YOU. Ok, not really like that, she was much nicer, as you can read. But the point is, don't be scared! Move forward! Live your life!

So since Laurie and her wisdom are like my Southern Sherpa, I will begin revealing more. I will slowly try to let go of fear. I will post pictures! I will go ahead and make this a real, actual blog!

Hi, Internet. My name is Courtney. I am 26 and I live in Kennesaw, GA.

Look at me go!