01 November, 2007

When will it end?

I work for a very good company. I love my job. A few months ago, the man who created my position left the company, and while I learned so much from him and he is responsible for me loving what I do, things have gotten so much better since he left. I now split my time 50/50 between two bosses. Both are great to work for, if I do what is expected of me, and I do it well, they are happy. So I do, it is a win-win situation, we trust each other and it all works out great.


Three weeks ago, Boss #2 and I were making the final arrangements for Big Event of the Year. Tensions were high, we were probably being ugly to each other. I know I was not being flexible. I do this when I'm stressed. Just leave me alone and let me do my job, I'll get it done. Hello, Great Wall of Back Off, I'm Good at What I Do. So, Boss #2 wants to have a Principal's Dinner at a nice restaurant here in town. Conversation ensues:

Southern Doll: "I've made the reservations for 14."
Boss #2: "14? I only count 13....."
SD, listing through all the Principals: "....and you and me."
2: "Oh. Well, I think it would be best if you sat this one out."
SD: " OK....can I ask why?"
2: "Because you are a woman."

Imagine the transition....we go from normal conversation, working out logistics to my eyes turning red and steam coming from my ears.

SD: "You are serious. Do you realize how unfair that is?"
2, in a whiny voice, giving me a pleading look: "Its the boys club. You understand."

Nothing made me madder than his assumption that I would be a-ok with being left out BECAUSE I WAS BORN WITH A VAGINA. No, sir.

SD: "No, 2, I do not understand. I will not understand. It is not fair and I am not ok with it. I won't be."

And in the meantime, can I get you more coffee and warm your socks? Because that is what my vagina is telling me I need to do.