21 November, 2007


I hear trumpets! Victory bells! Huge sighs of relief from Mother Nature. I am reassured, and I once again believe that it can be!

Last night - I went on a date. A good one. With.....A NORMAL MAN.

No monkies! No pink panties under his bed! No requests involving strap on extras (Oh, Internet, I have yet to share that story...)!!

Now, the actual date was comedic - we went to see a lyrical artist called Aesop Rock. We were by far the oldest and most sober people there. And that is saying something because I am only 26, and was drinking Stella. The first two artists were techno-funk DJs who stood on stage and spun with weird movies playing in the background - the kind of thing that would make you eat your hair if you were on drugs. So I was told, anyway, I've never done a drug. And the kids in this place were dancing like they had odd twitches in their extremities. One girl actually was a hobbit, I think. But, it made for excellent people watching and conversation.

So the date was fun, and the guy was surprisingly normal. I did not think he would be, I actually went in thinking he wouldn't be my type. I thought he was going to be the metro sexual typical "Gym Guy", but he surprised me. Which was nice.

The kiss at the end of the night was nice, too.

So the Southern Doll is happy, and once again believes that there is hope for normalcy.