11 November, 2007

Dirty Laundry

So a few days ago I introduced Mr. Walgreen to The Internet. He and I met via my Internet Dating Service of Choice about 3 months ago. We have been dating casually since then, talking on the phone once during the week and a date on the weekend. At first I was pretty turned off by his job, and by his seeming lack of interest in growing up for a man his age. He was just a dude, at a job he didn't call a career, watching football and making it happen. But, I kept him around because he was fun. My only gripe was that he was kind of a last minute planner. Like, would wait until Thursday to make a date. I am planner, people! I plan! I usually know what I'm doing on the weekend by like Tuesday. Call me OCD if you like, but it's part of my charm. :o)

About three weeks ago, he mentioned he was looking for a new job, a Real Job. Big Boy Job. Yay! AND he called on a SUNDAY and planned for a weekend date! Things were looking up, and Mr. W was growing on me. Even though my cat was trying to tell me something by cock blocking me. Whatever.


Move ahead to last night. My friend had two extra tickets to a hockey game. She asked if I wanted to double date. I say yes, and Mr. W can go. Great! Fun! Double Date! So, we go, watch football, our team WINS so all is good and we go to the hockey game. I don't know much about hockey but games are large fun. So it was good times and me and Mr. W head back to his place. He invites me in, and we are tired so he invites me to stay there. I do, since he is much closer to my church, which I have to go to int he morning. So, all is good, we change and go to bed.

Let me add that the whole night was very G-Rated. Which I thought was unusual, since the last time we went out it was not G-Rated, even though my kitty never let it get X-Rated. But, I wrote it off as being tired. We cuddled a little, and chatted, then went to sleep.

Morning rolls around, and he has to leave for work before I have to leave for church. So he tells me I can stay, no big deal, and he leaves. Being the Southern Doll, I decide it's polite to make the bed before I go. So, I do.

I'm tucking in the sheets on "my side" and I notice something funny on the floor. Not under the bed, just kind of on the side. So, I pick it up, with a wrinkle in my forehead. What is it?

A pair of pink cotton underwear. Full butts. Victoria's Secret Body By Victoria, actually. Size large.


Wow, this is gross. What do I do? I'm confused. Confusion is quickly turning into anger. I text my best girlfriends asking what to do. But before they can respond I have decided.

I make the bed (very nicely), place the pillows, turn the covers down. And place the pink panties right in the middle. My only regret is not taking a picture of it.

So it's about 10:40 PM now. He hasn't called, texted, acknowledged it in any way. I doubt he will, because from my experience, men are Avoiders. I do wish he would, though, because I would LOVE to hear his explanation. And have the chance to tell him what a douche he is that he can't even clean up after his hoe. ha!

I am SO SO happy that I did not sleep with him. I guess God and my cat really do have my back!


Fianna said...

Ugghh. That sucks!

I just don't understand how a girl can, oops, forget her undies. Which leads into a whole new area of why she was marking territory, which ends in him just being dirty.

Southern Doll said...

Amen to that Fianna!! She is either a dirty hoe who leaves her undies wadded up in a ball under her man's bed (how do you go home underwearless??) or she was a one night stand who bolted.

Either way, he's nasty!!

Meaghan Lee said...

Have you even considered the alternative - that maybe he wears women's panties from time to time?? Now that would be truly awkward...

Southern Doll said...

Hahahaha! Yes, that thought has crossed my mind. In which case, I am REALLY glad I haven't heard anything from him!!