04 October, 2007


Hasn't everyone who has ever done something great for themselves taken some measure of risk?

I love this. It is so very true, and can be applied to any person, in any walk of life, and any risk or attempt at greatness.

I want to be the person people look at and say "Man, she really took a huge leap of faith there, but look how well it turned out!". I think in my life, I have had those chances and not taken them, so now I spend a lot of time thinking about how I can create those chances, or dream up a risk to take that will really pay off in the end.

Hello, risk? Here I am. I'm ready for you! I will kick your ass.


Fianna said...

Thank you thank you thank you. I so needed this post today. I haven't written about a huge leap I just took and while I swore off tears for the day at noon today, I may have just broke that promise. Thanks!! Here via CAP

Southern Doll said...

Oh, Fianna, write about it! I want to hear what you did, it is inspiring!