14 September, 2007

Good Conversation With an Old Friend

I'm talking with The BreakUp today and we hit a nugget of wisdom:

Me: "We've reached a whole new level."
The BreakUp: "Ahh yes. I think it is the next logical step for us...see each other's junk (and enjoy)...don't talk for a while...talk about nothing....make fun of the other's new endeavors."
Me: "It's all a part of the 'I did you and now I don't' process."

Isn't that true, though? When you break up with someone, isn't it like a small death? I need to research the five steps of grief, or whatever it is, because I think it can apply to break ups, especially monumental ones. I mean, at first The BreakUp and I tried to just jump back into friendship....it went over as well as a pregnant pole vaulter. It took time, anger, patience, acceptance and now, humor. it's working though, I think. It has been a lesson for me. I can't control other people's lives, even mine sometimes. I have to accept them as they are and for the choices they make.....isn't that what friendship is?

It is much easier said than done.


John Doe 33 said...

It's tough figuring out a friendship with someone you had a relationship with. I've been there. Unfortunately it rarely works.

Good luck with yours! If that's what you want...

Cool blog!

Southern Doll said...

WOW, I have a reader??? ;O)

Thanks for the comment - for the record, I do want that friendship. However, I don't think his "new endeavor" does....what's a girl to do?